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Society for interior
shapes and experiences

The society is being founded not only for our clients, but primarily for friends and fans original interior design connoiseurs.

We aim to share with you the information, trends, interesting tips from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also from the rest of the world, to mediate the contact or be personally in contact with key architects and designers, meet at interesting events being held in this field, and share with you various advantages and benefits, which may be very pleasant. We are interested in your opinions, personal experience and hints.

Become the member
of Komplot club and you will obtain
the following benefits

  • 1personal invitations to events organized by Konsepti and Kartell
  • 2VIP invitations to the purchasing of discounted products
    (min. 24 hours before the non-members of the Club)
  • 31 hour free consultation with an interior architect each year
  • 4company presents and courtesies
  • 5you will be sent the company magazine Komposti
  • 6personal meetings with interesting architects/designers
  • 7one time Club discounts up to 20 %
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Konsepti Ltd. reserves the right to change the conditions of membership, rules and membership benefits of Komplot club members, among other things in reaction to customer wishes. Our company also reserves the right to cancel the club. You will be informed about all important changes on our website www.konsepti.com. Members of Komplot club will be notified also by e-mail.